Can Too Much Money Ruin a Marriage?

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Is it possible that having too much money can ruin a marriage? We all have stress in our life. Too many hours at work, too little time with the kids, too much money….wait…what? We always hear of the stress and arguments that can come from finances being stretched too tightly, but it isn’t very often that we hear of the damaging effects that too much money can cause. Is it possible that living in the lap of luxury could mean loosing your spouse?

Dr. Ashley Freeman is a psychologist with Lepage Associates in Durham, NC. She holds a Doctorate in Counseling Psychology, as well as a Master’s in Psychology, from Iowa State. Her clinical experiences are diverse, as she continually seeks the new and the challenging. Dr. Freeman is experienced in individual, couples, family and group therapy for all ages. Ashley has worked in a variety of clinical settings including college counseling centers, group therapy clinics, university departmental clinics, private practice and even a home for veterans.

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