No More Mr. Nice Guy: Speaking Up For What You Want

How far will you go to please your partner?

No one likes peering into a schoolyard and seeing a bully. Bullies are mean and manipulative, but they exist. What many people don’t know is the secret ingredient that gives bullies power. It’s submission. It’s very hard to have someone push you around if that is something that you are unwilling accept. It’s time to be heard and start speaking up for what you want.

Many marriages are filled with “people pleasers”. These are the people that will do anything for their spouse, should they ask. Whether it be picking up milk on the way home or climbing Mount Everest. While many people don’t like bullies, people pleasers are the ones who break up marriages. Is your eagerness to please splitting your marriage apart?

Dr. Julia Messer is a former high school English teacher turned Psychologist. Attending West Virginia University she received her Master’s and Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. Julia is one of those people that has really seen and done it all. Since graduating Julia has worked as a psychology teacher at UNC Chapel Hill, in a psychiatric hospital, within the criminal court system, and even in a forensic setting. Dr. Messer currently practices at Orenstein Solutions in Cary, NC, specializing in areas of anger management, substance abuse, depression and anxiety. To find out more about Dr. Julia Messer and Orenstein Solutions visit them online or call 919-428-2766 for an appointment.

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