Entrepreneurship & Marriage: Mixing Business and Pleasure

Would your relationship be more successful if it were treated like a business?

Mixing business with pleasure. Some live by this motto, others try everything they can to avoid it. It’s difficult to maintain or even improve your marriage with a spouse that is constantly “on the clock”.

What if you could take the working lessons that you’ve learned in the business world and use it to improve your marriage? Sounds too good to be true, right? Wrong!

Both business and marriage are something that require a lot of time, effort and attention to maintain. It can be hard to find a balance in life when there doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day. Learn how to transform your business finesse into techniques that can improve your marriage.

Of course, the only reliable source for such a topic would have to be a business savvy individual who understands the inner workings of the human mind. Who better than Rob Danzman? Rob Danzman is the Founder and Clinical Director of Fonthill Counseling in Chapel Hill, NC where he specializes cognitive behavior therapy, family crisis management and marriage and family therapy. To find out more about Rob Danzman and his practice, Fonthill Counseling, you can visit their website or call 919-351-5838 for an appointment.


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