Are YOU the “I” in the Storm?

If you were the reason for the fighting in your marriage, would you be able to admit you were the “I” in the storm?

One of the biggest challenges facing couples today is their inability to truly hear one another and recognize the unhealthy communication patterns that develop over time. In many cases it starts with one partner, the “I” in the storm. This partner becomes a force in the relationship that is somewhat like the “eye” of a hurricane- the area surrounded by the most severe conditions.

When negative communication patterns develop or have already been developed, the strength of the marriage can take a hit. And oftentimes it results in distance and contempt between partners. The majority of the time, all each partner really wants is for the other to understand them. But in the midst of arguing over a point, compassion and understanding can sometimes fly out the window.

Leslie Petruk is a child and family therapist who joins us to discuss the the biggest predictors of divorce, but also the key to resolving communication problems within a marriage. At her practice SteppingStones Counseling and Consulting in Charlotte, NC, Leslie works to help individuals and couples build more connected and mindful lives.

To find out more about Leslie and her practice, visit their website, or call (704) 335-6100 to make an appointment.

Stressed out with parenting duties? Check out Leslie’s website that offers tips and resources for when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

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