Conflict in Relationships

Do you have what it takes to overcome conflict in your relationship?

Conflict is a part of everyday life. In literature we learn the different types of conflict which can be classified as “man versus man”, “man versus nature”, and “man versus self.”  Although we are taught about the varying types of conflict in school, we aren’t necessarily taught how to deal with conflict and resolve our issues. When we come across conflict in our relationships, it is important to have the skills to overcome the problems so that you can continue to have a healthy relationship. If we are unable to mend our issues with our spouse there can be a variety of negative effects that can come about. What are some of the tools that we can use to overcome conflict in our relationships?

Earning her Masters degree from Northern Illinois University, Mrs. Shelly Hummel is CEO of The Align Center for Couples in Wake Forest, North Carolina. Mrs. Hummel specializes in helping couples create stronger and more meaningful relationships. She is a Gottman Certified Therapist and has been in practice for 16 years. Mrs. Hummel facilitated an educational program for the State of Iowa to divorcing parents entitled “Children in the Middle” as well as in the Department of Psychiatry at The University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. She is a member of the North Carolina American Association of Marriage Therapists and a Certified Seven Principles Educator. She sees couples for weekly sessions or for intensives, which are 1 to 3 days of intensive therapy for local or out-of-state couples in crisis.

To find out more about Shelly Hummel and her practice, The Align Center for Couples, you can visit their website or call (919) 880-2566 for an appointment.

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