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Is it possible to have a romantic vacation while also making the most of family time?

Perhaps you and your spouse are wanting to take a family vacation. But maybe you’re fearing that your kids with be antsy and bored, and that you and your partner won’t have any time for romance and fun. So what do you do with this dilemma?

Sometimes couples find themselves having completely kid-focused vacations in order to meet the “family togetherness” needs, but they don’t get a chance to pay attention to the marriage during the time off from work and away from home. Or maybe a couple might plan a romantic getaway without the kids because they find it difficult to work on romance with the children around. Either way, someone (…like your child) or something (…like the romance in your marriage) ends up left out of the mix.

According to today’s guest, Erica Blystone– a licensed clinical social worker with Lepage Associates— there are ways to have your cake and eat it too. You, in fact, can go on a family vacation and work on rekindling the romance in your marriage at the same time, and Erica is here to discuss how and give our listeners some pointers.

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A Family Affair: How to Deal With Your In-LawsPlay episode Subscribe via RSS Subscribe via iTunesDownload a transcript Sponsored by Rosen Law Firm

What’s the key to managing the holidays with your in-laws?

If the financial stress surrounding the holidays isn’t enough, there can always be a little more to count on with the arrival of extended family and in-laws, or the anticipation of making the yearly trek to the airport. Of course not everyone experiences tension with family members, but for those who do, when the issues come to a head during the holiday season there can be added stress with unwanted consequences.

For some people, the holidays can be a time when they become more acutely aware of the problems in their family either because they are spending more time together, or because previous holidays have been difficult and it opens old wounds. Whatever the situation or cause of the tension might be, the pressure can sometimes be too much to handle. The beauty in all of it, however, is that change and healing is possible. The holiday season and the arrival of in-laws truly don’t have to be so demanding and worrying.

Our guest today, Dr. Katrina Kuzyszyn-Jones of KKJ Forensic and Psychological Services in Durham, NC, is here to offer advice to couples and families on how to deal with holiday stress.

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Holidays From HellPlay episode Subscribe via RSS Subscribe via iTunesDownload a transcript Sponsored by Rosen Law Firm

Is it possible to get through the holidays without losing your mind, and stability in your marriage?

Around the holidays, like Thanksgiving and Christmas or Hanukkah, couples and families tend to feel additional stress because of all the added pressures and expectations that surround the season. Pesky things like extra work hours, long shopping lists, children out of school and extended family coming to visit can sometimes add worry to what’s supposed to be a joyous time.

During the holiday season, it’s very easy for schedules to become hectic and for every day situations to get chaotic. A time that should be happy and blissful often becomes confusing, and can leave couples feeling overwhelmed and helpless. But there is hope. It can be possible for couples and families to get on the path to enjoying each other and time together during the most stressful of times.

Our guest today, Dr. Michael Howard of Healing Solutions Counseling Center in Charlotte, NC, says the holidays don’t have to be stressful. Along with a few tips and pieces of advice, Michael explains the common triggers of holiday stress and discusses how to mellow them.

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