Spotting An Emotionally Destructive Marriage

The signs of physical abuse are often easy to recognize, but do you know the indicators of emotional abuse in a relationship? Where do we draw the line between a benign sarcastic exchange every now and then and behavior that is truly hurtful to one or both spouses? Dr. Michael Hall joins us to examine exactly what emotional abuse is, the impact it has on both spouses, and steps you can take to remedy this behavior in your marriage.

Michael owns a private practice in Charlotte, NC where he not only works with individuals and couples for relationship and marriage counseling, he is a well known figure in the corporate and career counseling world as well. You can give Michael a call at 704.858.2984 to find out more.

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Rebecca Galvin October 26, 2009 at 2:25 pm

I am so tired of people trivalizing emotional and/or verbal abuse. I’ve been in a marriage in which my husband has chosen to mistreat me for 15 years, off and on. Now that I am divorcing him, many ask why I would do this during the bad economy, I should stay with him because we have a child , he doesn’t hit me, what did I do to provoke him, etc. Now that he has a girlfriend, it is somehow OK for me to divorce him, in others eyes. Forget the fact that he had regularly demeaned me, lied to me, and frequently said, “It doesn’t matter how I treat you. You’re stuck with me”, etc. I am looking forward to being free from this negative man soon. Thank you for offering this topic.

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