Is Marriage Counseling A Waste Of Your Time?

Is it possible that the one hour a week approach to marriage counseling could be doing more harm than good to your relationship? Is the marriage counseling model driven more by the counselors, or by what your insurance will cover?

John Wilder joins us to discuss the difference between the counseling and coaching models of marriage therapy and why the manner in which insurance companies reimburse clients for marriage counseling has created a system that puts your relationship in jeopardy. John is in private practice in New Castle Indiana and has just finished his upcoming book, You Can Achieve Happily Ever After and Improve Your Love Life Too.

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matt February 8, 2010 at 6:46 pm

Marriage and Marriage Counseling is a waste of perfectly good money.
If husband and wife can’t fix it then that should be the end of it or
just live with your problems

Jeff March 17, 2011 at 1:34 am

Lee, I appreciated how diplomatic and balanced you were during this interview. Your guest sounded like he really had an axe to grind with the more traditional model of relationship counseling. His examples and arguments were made up of Ad Hominem attacks on marriage counselors in general, a biased premise on the nature of insurance companies and an overall adversarial level of engagement with the whole subject.

What is worse is that there were actually some valid critiques of the flawed system and he made some good points, but it was so hard to listen to him spew his angry talk that I think his points were lost.

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