Can Your Marriage Survive A Baby?

After the excitement of the birth has worn off, infants can place a lot of strain on a relationship. Do you find it hard to devote the time to your spouse and marriage that you used to? Are your children toddlers and now that you have a little more time, you feel like you hardly know your spouse? Dr. Kristen Wynns returns to the show to discuss how you can stay focused on your marriage without neglecting your responsibilities as a new parent.

Dr. Wynns has a private practice in Cary, NC and specializes in therapy for children, adolescents, and families. You can find out more about Dr. Wynns practice and services at her website,, or by calling her office at 919.805.0182. Kristen also has a brand new blog called Marriage and Parenting 101 with great advice for parents.

Kristen also suggests the book Babyproofing Your Marriage, as well as John Gottman’s book And Baby Makes Three, and his website,, for more information.

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