Nickel and Dimed: Planning Your Financial Life Together

Do you and your partner have different financial goals for the future?

Marriage means the joining of two households, two lifestyles and two bank accounts. So what happens when a shopaholic and a penny pincher get married? It’s a financial catastrophe!

All couples, be it newlyweds or marathon marriages, have arguments over finances. The key to making sure your marriage survive rests in the details of how you handle the financial fist fights, and whether or not you can turn these squabbles into something more productive for the future.

How can a couple begin to plan for their financial future together when they can’t stop arguing over this months credit card statement?

Who better to give us insight into making marriage and finances work than someone who deals with divorcing couples. Philip Rusnack is a Registered Investment Advisor and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst. Philip started Divorce Settlement Solutions after three decades as a financial planner and now practices in Chapel Hill, NC. Philip sees a real need for couples to have a sound financial picture of their lives before it creates trouble in their marriage. To find out more about Philip Rusnack and his financial services, you can call 919-533-6254.


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