Relationship Wants v Needs

Does your spouse have what it takes to fulfill your every wish and desire?

While some things in life are considered essential, like food, water and shelter. Are you able to separate relationship wants v needs? As human beings, our unwavering desire for ‘more’ transforms what we need to survive into all the things we want to have instead. Is your partner able to identify and provide those items you consider essential to your relationship survival?  What about the extra benefits you crave? Can an ambitious appetite for all the luxuries that come with love overwhelm the basics deemed essential to the success of a relationship?

Rachel Payne Blair is a licensed clinical social worker with Greenlee Psychological and Support Services in Durham, North Carolina where she provides therapy for families, couples, and individuals and also provides clinical supervision for Master Level students. Earning both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Social Work, Rachel has applied her skills in the field of foster care, school counseling, as well as volunteering her time to assist in local homeless youth programs. Rachel has extensive training and experience in a wide range of areas, including coping with separation and attachment loss, repairing and reconnecting relationships, as well as couples counseling.

To find out more about Rachel Payne Blair and her practice, Greenlee Psychological and Support Services, you can visit their website  or call (919) 764-6402 for an appointment.

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