Desire Discrepancies in a Relationship

Do you and your spouse have the same desires?

Sometimes in life it is hard for us to understand or even acknowledge our needs and wants. Whether it be regarding our everyday needs, emotional needs, or health needs. When these needs are not met our lives may not feel as fulfilled as we want or need them to be. When it comes to relationships we have emotional needs as well as sexual needs. But, what if these needs are not met, do we become unfulfilled in our relationship? Are there ways that we can share our needs and find a way to meet them so that both partners are happy in their relationship? What if our needs differ? Is there a way we can compromise or fulfill each of the differing needs of each partner?

Earning her Masters Degree in Social Work from the University of South Carolina, Glenise Parrott, who goes by Lenny, practices at Cameron Valley Psychotherapy & Counseling which is a private practice in Charlotte, North Carolina. Lenny is a licensed clinical social worker who specializes in working with couples. She also has a certificate in sex therapy from the University of Michigan.

To find out more about Lenny Parrott and her practice, Cameron Valley Psychotherapy & Counseling, you can visit their website or call (704) 364-4333 for an appointment.

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