What happens to a marriage when parents must begin to prepare for an empty nest?

When parents start to prepare to send their son or daughter off to college they are not only helping to ease the transition into college life for their child, but also paving the way for their own next steps… of marriage and an empty nest, that is. But many families aren’t exactly aware of the challenges that arise with big transitions and changes, and therefore they’re not as proactive as they could be.

Sometimes a couple isn’t really clear on the parenting roles that are played with kids in college. When this is the case, it’s easy for parents to be on different pages– and they might not have a solid plan for how they will respond to different crises and critical issues. With a little guidance, however, it can be easy and uplifting for a couple to get back to a positive place; a place where they successfully parent and maintain a long-standing marriage as a team.

Today’s guest is Dr. Susan Orenstein, the director of Orenstein Solutions. Susan says couples can fix these issues by working together to create plans for the expected and the unexpected. An empty nest doesn’t have to be a bad thing… it can, in fact, be just the beginning.

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It’s that time of year again… What are your New Year’s Resolutions? What about your relationship resolutions?

At the start of a new year, many people try to set goals for themselves, their relationships, and their families. With the highest of hopes, they plan for the best and most positive possible outcomes. The problem, however, is that some people sometimes set their expectations a little too high and then become frustrated and overwhelmed when they don’t accomplish everything exactly as they had planned. And then some things, like relationship resolutions, are given up on altogether.

The reality is that couples and families can sometimes be overcome with all of the little things life has in store- work, kids, taking care of other family members, and other pesky responsibilities. In many cases, couples don’t cherish and nurture their relationship and end up taking it for granted. They don’t realize it’s an entity that needs cultivating and developing just like anything else.

Today, our guest, Dr. Susan Orenstein of Orenstein Solutions in Cary, NC will be discussing how couples can use the New Year as a way to motivate themselves to set goals as a team. As a licensed psychologist and the director of Orenstein Solutions, Susan says it’s the perfect time for couples to take stock of their relationships, clarify their goals as a pair, and come up with a good action plan for 2013.

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What’s the real story behind infidelity and affair proofing your marriage?

Though data varies, many researchers and clinicians would say that about 25 percent of men and 15 percent of women engage in an affair during the course of their marriage. Extramarital affairs cross all boundaries. While the news media chronicle the affairs of our leaders and the rich and famous, chances are we likely know couples in our own circles who have experienced infidelity. When it comes to affair proofing your marriage, there are some obvious steps, but also some not-so-obvious ones.

The research that is available suggests that affairs happen across ethnic and racial lines, in red states and blue ones, in the homes of the rich and in the homes of the poor, regardless of educational level and by both men and women. Unfortunately, the statistics show that affairs and infidelity issues can happen across the board. Armed with that knowledge, it’s important to also know the steps to take to ensure your marriage is protected from infidelity.

Today’s guest is one of our regulars, Dr. Kristen Wynns of Wynns Family Psychology in Cary, NC. Though you and your spouse ultimately have control over the boundaries in your relationship, Kristen is here to discuss some of the important tips you both can stick with for affair proofing your marriage.

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