Is your relationship being affected by social media?

The world of social media is growing every day. It feels like every time a new website or app for your phone comes into existence, another follows right behind it. We now have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat among others that many people use every day. It seems that an alarming amount of people communicate more online than in person. You go to a restaurant and you can look around and see the amount of people on their phones instead of communicating with the person right in front of them. Can the use of social media harm your relationship? What can we do to save our relationships in this situation?

Earning his Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy from Trevecca Nazarene University, Mr. Jessee Eppley is a therapist at Healing Solutions Counseling Center in Charlotte, North Carolina. Mr. Eppley is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapy Associate. He has extensive experience working with Emotionally Focused Therapy which emphasizes encouraging individuals and couples to move from stuck relationships and patterns of life into a fuller experience of health. Using this model, people move from tension and disconnect towards a deeper experience of intimacy.

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How can you make quality time for your relationship when you can’t even make time for yourself?

“I wish there were more hours in the day.” Every single one of us has uttered this phrase at least once in our lives. Between family, work and children competing for our attention and time, it’s easy to see how we often are unable to carve out time for ourselves, let alone our better half. All too often our relationships get pushed to the side while we focus on what’s directly in front of us. But how long can a relationship sit waiting in the sidelines before it runs out of gas completely?

When a night on the town or a movie date on the couch have become distant memories it’s time to take a hard look at your priorities as a couple and take back the quality time.

Dr. Gabriella Johr is a licensed clinical psychologist with Orenstein Solutions in Cary, NC. Over the last 10 years Gabriella has found herself working with people in various hospital, school and private practice settings. Specializing in child and family therapy, Gabriella has had a great deal of experience working with couples to manage their family and priorities while still finding time for their marriage.

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Does your marriage have what it takes to unplug from the technology of the modern world?

Has technology killed your marriage? Modern technology can do almost anything, from translating a foreign language to shooting angry birds at random objects. No one could have ever suspected that something that is helpful with so many things could be at the root of all their marital problems.

Today’s overabundance of technology can take away a couple’s time with one another and replace it with hours in front of the computer. We have iPhone’s in the elevator, kindle’s on the couch, and laptops in the bed. Is your marriage strong enough to withstand the attacks from technology?

Jill Eilenberger joins us this week to advise us on the importance of unplugging our marriage. Jill Eilenberger has a Master’s degree in Clinical Social Work from UNC and has been working as a psychotherapist for 25 years. Jill is a licensed Clinical Social worker, Marital and Family Therapist and Imago Relationship Therapist. Jill is a former President of the Charlotte Chapter of American Association of Marital and Family Therapists and has been listed in the “Who’s Who of American Women.” Jill now runs her own private practice out of Charlotte, NC.

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