Has weight become an issue in your marriage? Are obesity issues causing health, intimacy, and body image issues for you or your spouse? Dr. Paulomi Raiji joins us to discuss the prevalence of obesity problems in marriages the obesity rate in the country rises, as well covering which spouse is most to suffer from the physical and emotional issues that come with weight gain. She also covers the impact weight gain can have on intimacy in a marriage and where to draw the line between weight gain with age an serious health issues.

Paulomi practices with Lepage Associates in Durham, NC, where in addition to providing holistic clinical services, including cognitive behavioral therapy, guided imagery, and meditation, she specializes in body image and self esteem issues. You can find out more about Paulomi by visiting LepageAssociates.com, or by calling 919-572-0000 for an appointment.

Has weight become a “big” issue in your marriage? Is it leading to intimacy problems, control issues, and health concerns that you don’t know how to address?  It’s easy for a marriage to run into trouble when one spouse puts on a significant amount of weight but can be difficult to address in a compassionate and constructive way.  Dr. Susan Orenstein joins us to discuss what factors can contribute to weight gain in a marriage, the relationship between eating and emotions, and how to approach such a touchy subject without causing conflict.

Dr. Orenstein is a licensed Psychologist with a private practice in Cary, NC and a newly opened location in Chapel Hill, NC.  She also conducts the Stay Happily Married seminar series in Raleigh.  You can find out more about Dr. Orenstein at www.orensteinsolutions.com