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Dr. Colleen Hamilton, Lepage Associates
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5842 Fayetteville Road, Suite 106, Durham, NC
From I-40, take exit 276 and turn onto Fayetteville Road toward Durham and away from Southpoint Mall (so go right off 40 coming from Raleigh/Cary, go left off 40 coming from Chapel Hill); go about ½ mile and you will see Sutton Station on the left; turn in on Geneva Drive, go around back and to bldg 5842; park anywhere and walk toward the center courtyard/ fountain; we are one of the 4 corners of the fountain.
Doctorate, Clinical Psychology
All clinical services are insurance reimbursable.
Relationships, Groups, Couples, Individuals, and Families; adults and children. Special expertise in child and family psychology, and parent coaching.
Dr. Colleen Hamilton has experience working with couples with a range of issues, from those looking to solve a certain problem or improve their communication, to those who are questioning their relationship and its future. She is experienced in assisting couples explore their relationship to identify strengths, areas for growth, and common goals, to allow the couple to reestablish their connection, improve their interactions, and increase their satisfaction with the relationship. Communication training, self appreciation, and respect for their partner are large components of her interventions. In addition Dr. Hamilton is a child psychologist and can help couples for whom parenting issues are weighing on the relationship, through either couples therapy and parent coaching, or through working directly with the child as well.
Colleen Hamilton

Lepage Associates Psychological & Psychiatric Services is a group practice with several clinicians who specialize in marriage therapy. Two convenient locations in Durham and Chapel Hill. Open weekdays, evenings and Saturdays to offer convenience to couples and families.

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Marriage Counselor
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