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Full Life Counseling, PLLC
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942 West 4th St.; Winston-Salem, NC 27101; Winston-Salem, NC
Business 40 to Broad St., right off ramp. Advance to the intersection of Broad & 4th St., turn left. Go through the caution light. 942 W. 4th is the 3rd building AFTER West End Cafe on the left. Office is on the 2nd floor.
Winston Salem
MAEd in Community Counseling, Wake Forest University Licensed; Professional Counselor; Licensed Clinical Addiction Counselor
Documentation provided for self-filing for out-of-network benefits
Facilitate structured family interventions to help improve the likelihood of admission to treatment for a loved one who is reluctant/resistant about accepting help for alcoholism or addiction.; Learning Sobriety Together, an evidence-based, post-rehab marital counseling program that builds skills for a healthier marriage and recovery from chemical dependency.; Family counseling for families affected by alcoholism and/or addiction
American Counseling Association
20+ years of addictions and mental health experience in front-line clinical, clinical leadership and administrative functions in public and private outpatient and inpatient treatment settings.
Marriage Counselor
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