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Erica Blystone, LCSW, Lepage Associates
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5842 Fayetteville Road Suite 106, Durham NC 27713, Durham, NC
From I-40, take exit 276 and turn onto Fayetteville Road away from Southpoint Mall (so go right off 40 coming from Raleigh/Cary, go left off 40 coming from Chapel Hill); go about ½ mile and you will see Sutton Station on the left; turn in on Geneva Drive and drive around back. Our suite is one of the four corners near the fountain in the middle of the campus. Our website has a map of our placement on the campus.
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All services are insurance reimbursable.
Therapy for all ages. Psychological, educational, and forensic evaluations for all ages.
Specific areas of couples therapy in which Erica works include improving communication, increasing understanding and empathy of one another, conflict management and resolution, setting boundaries with work and/or family members, balancing individual needs with the needs of the couple, increasing sexual and emotional intimacy, and moving past an affair or other breach of trust. She has worked with couples of many ages, as well as with couples in different stages of relationships, including: helping couples decide to get married and preparing for marriage; helping couples navigate careers and children; helping couples transition into retirement living; and helping couples on the brink of divorce in any stage figure out what went wrong. Her experience with couples includes bi-racial and gay and lesbian couples as well.
Erica Blystone

Erica Blystone has been working as a therapist for over 10 years and is licensed in NC. Some of her special interests and areas of expertise include couples counseling, mood and anxiety disorders, family of origin issues, and growth work. She is highly experienced in two therapy techniques empirically validated to be effective: cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical-behavior therapy (DBT).

Marriage Counselor
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