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Lori Tibbits, MA, LPC at Miller Counseling Services, PC
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308-A West Millbrook Road; Raleigh, NC 27609; Raleigh, NC
Located within a few miles of the North Hills Mall in Raleigh, NC. Near the intersection of Six Forks and West Millbrook Road, we are located directly across the street from the KinderCare office (the one with the red roof). We are in the back of the office style complex. 308-A.
Lori is a Licensed Professional Counselor in North Carolina. She has been dedicated to helping people as a counselor and educator in mental health, social services, private counseling centers, and educational settings for the past 18 years. Lori received her MA in Professional Counseling in 2000 from Liberty University and a BS in English in 1992 from the University of Oklahoma.
We are an out of network provider. We do not accept insurance, but will file it for you as a courtesy.
Marriage Counseling, Anxiety, Women
Lori helps individuals, families, and couples in treating anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, OCD, phobias, social anxiety, panic, family relationship issues, PTSD, ADHD, adjustment, and mood disorders as well as provide marital/couples counseling. She also specializes in helping women who struggle with body-image and infertility issues. Lori has been married for 18 years and has three children. She has many varied interests some of which are spending time in the garden, collecting eggs from her chickens, and growing a large variety of herbs, brambles, vegetables, and any tree or bush that bears fruit in a North Carolina climate.
Marriage Counselor
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