Married with Luggage

Does your relationship have what it takes to be with one another 24/7?

Whether that thought thrills you to the max or chills you to the bone, we all know relationships are difficult and require a significant amount of work from both partners to maintain a working relationship when married. With hectic schedules, careers, and responsibilities to your children there may not be enough time in the day to focus solely on your relationship. When this happens the relationship is no longer the first priority in your life. What can you do to keep your relationship strong and healthy?

Mr. Warren Talbot and his wife, Mrs. Betsy Talbot, have written three books that are focused on helping people define and go after the life they crave. They also have a website, a podcast, and a weekly newsletter, which all reveal the steps they took and the ongoing insights they acquire so you can go from lovers to full partners, too. Mr. and Mrs. Talbot live an unconventional life of traveling the world full time. They spend 24 hours a day together living, working, and traveling.

To find out more about Mr. and Mrs. Talbot and their experience and publications, you can visit their website Married with Luggage.

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