Is Pornography Destroying Your Marriage?

What used to require a secret trip to a shady newsstand and the risk of being spotted by a friend or neighbor is now just keyclicks away. With pornography becoming easier to obtain and less of a social stigma, has its presence become a stumbling-block in your relationship? Dr. Nicole Imbraguglio joins us to discuss the patterns and effects of pornography use in a marriage and the impact it has on both spouses, as well as how a couple can reconcile their feelings and behavior with one another.

Dr. Imbraguglio practices with Lepage Associates in Durham, NC and helps both adults and children with a wide range of emotional issues. She has provided counseling for individuals, groups, couples, and families. You can learn more about Nicole at

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Annette Walton September 19, 2011 at 8:10 pm

I just recently discovered that my husband of 21 years have been involved in cybersex for the past 2 years. The addiction has not only started to control his life but it has started to affect our relationship. He has spent over $5,000.00 for private chats with these women, he has a membership to a phone sex service, and he has lied about me and our marriage and he has discussed our children in personal e-mails with these women. I am not sure what I need to do because if he found out that I know all of this, he would know that I have been into his private e-mails and bank statements.
Need Help!!

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