Strengthening Intimacy With Your Spouse

Has physical intimacy taken a back seat to other responsibilities in your marriage?  Have you tried rekindling the spark you and your spouse had when you were first married with little success? Terry Northcutt, Director of Marriage Enrichment Programs with the Family Dynamics Institute,  joins us to discuss how to strengthen that intimate bond and bring passion back to your marriage.  He also discusses the programs and seminars available that are designed to help married couples renew their intimacy.

Terry is a former senior pastor who now serves as the Director of Marriage Enrichment Programs  at the Family Dynamics Institute.    You can find out more about the Family Dynamics Institute and the multitude of courses and workshops they offer by calling 800-650-9995, or visiting and

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Nat September 11, 2010 at 11:33 pm

My wife and I have been married 40 years and hadn’t had intimacy, sex, love in at least 30 years. So we don’t have any problems . I’m totally happy being without and I’m sure my wife would disagree but thats her problem. We still live in the same house. I have the down stairs and she has the up stairs. Any one reading this would think were weird. Were not I have not desire for my wife at all, and I’m sure that my wifes feelings is mutual. Divorce is out of the question, be no way to support our selves.

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