An Introduction To PAIRS

You may have heard of PAIRS workshops for improving the intimacy in your marriage, but what issues can it address in your marriage, and is it the right environment for you and your spouse? Dr. Susan Orenstein joins us to talk about the PAIRS workshops that have become increasingly popular for both happily and unhappily married couples, and explore what makes PAIRS different from traditional therapy, and why it is such a great option for individuals and couples who are uncomfortable with marriage counseling.

Dr. Orenstein is a licensed Psychologist with a private practice in Cary, NC and a newly opened location in Chapel Hill, NC.  She also conducts the Stay Happily Married seminar series in Raleigh.  You can find out more about Dr. Orenstein at, or by calling her office at 919.428.2766. You can find out more about PAIRS at

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