Look at Him With Fresh Eyes

Do your days seem to always be filled with obligations and responsibilities to others? Chores to do, errands to run, children to chauffeur? With all the havoc of a modern world it is hard to make time for oneself, let alone their spouse. This hectic lifestyle is often what leaves a couple’s relationship in a state of lackluster. The flirtation, fun, and magic all seem to have fallen to the wayside. Luckily there is an easy and quick way to restore flirtation and fun back into  any relationship.

Monica Stroebel joins us and reveals secretes from her new book The Compliment Quotient. Monica shares simple ways to introduce excitement and  flirtation back into a stale relationship with one simple technique. Monica’s book is now available through Amazon, as well as Barnes & Noble. To learn more about Monica or her book, The Compliment Quotient, visit Monica’s website at complimentquotient.com.

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