All Aboard the Love Odyssey

Could a week long couples cruise be the key to saving your marriage? Gilligan had it all wrong; it takes more than a 3-hour tour. In fact, it takes 7 days. A simple, relaxing 7 days on the water could be the solution you’ve been searching for to save your drowning marriage from ending up like the Titanic. When a marriage is in danger, most couples attend couples counseling as a possible solution. But what if there was an option that would allow for deeper discovery and understanding without the constrictions of a one-hour time limit?

In addition to being an experienced sailor, Dr. Bryce Kaye received his Bachelor’s in psychology from Columbia University, and his Masters and Doctorate in psychology form the University of Illinois. Bryce has published a book on marriage improvement called The Marriage First Aid Kit and is currently working on his new book, When Love & Anger Got Married: Human Paradox & Spiritual Growth. Bryce now has two private practices, the Cary Counseling Center in Cary, NC and the Oriental Counseling Center in New Bern, NC. From the nearby town of Oriental, NC, Bryce and his wife, Helen, run a company called Love Odyssey Charters in which they take one couple at a time on a week-long cruise to different ports of call along the rivers and sounds of North Carolina. While cruising with each couple, Bryce and Helen intensely coach the couple on how to save their troubled marriage. To find out more about Bryce Kaye and Love Odyssey Charters you can visit their website or call 919-460-2516 for more information or to make your reservation.

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