5 Steps to Benefit Our Relationships and Bodies

Do you have a healthy relationship with your body and partner?

As summer is approaching, we shed our winter layers for more skin bearing attire, which for some also means a time to get our bodies “in shape.” While there’s nothing wrong with wanting to lose the few pounds we put on over the winter, too much focus on attaining the ideal body can lead to unhealthy extreme behaviors to lose that weight as well as a distorted body image. With social media always commenting about celebrities bodies and talking about the best diets to get the perfect body, it’s no wonder so many people have a negative body image. But we can learn to have a positive healthy relationship with our partners. What steps can we take to better our relationship with our bodies and our partners?

Earning her Doctoral and Master’s degrees in Clinical Psychology, Dr. Nina Solanki has an expansive background in the healthcare profession ranging from private practice to crisis centers and everything in between. She has a passion for mindfulness, exercise and nutrition. These days, Dr. Solanki is a therapist with Lepage Associates in Durham, North Carolina incorporating her work and knowledge of mindfulness and healthy lifestyle behaviors into both individual and couples therapy.

To find out more about Dr. Nina Solanki and her practice, Lepage Associates, you can visit their website or call (919) 572-0000 for an appointment.


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