Whole Health for Individuals and Couples

Do you and your spouse have whole health?

Health seems to be a hot topic in the world today. Whether it is mental health or physical health, there are always articles in numerous magazines and websites promoting ways to get in shape mentally and physically. We have articles on workout regimens, dietary plans and a combination of both. We also have articles on how to destress and relax. A combination of both of these topics can also be found in various articles in magazines and the internet that promote physical health and mental health together. When you are in a relationship, is it important for you and your loved one to have superb physical and mental health to improve your relationship? If so, what can you do individually and as a couple to achieve this?

Earning her Doctorate’s Degree in Counseling Psychology from Indiana State University, Dr. Katherine Kelly is a licensed psychologist in her own psychotherapy and counseling practice in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Dr. Kelly has been named the “pioneer of soul health” through the development of her trademark model, The Soul Health Model. She is a clinical holistic health psychologist. Dr. Kelly is an ongoing contributor to health and wellness magazines and speaks at local, regional, and national educational and corporate health organizations. With over 20 years of direct clinical experience, Dr. Kelly has had extensive experience helping others to heal and evolve.

To find out more about Dr. Katherine Kelly, you can visit her website or call (336) 723-1011 for an appointment.

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