Have you fallen out of love?

During our childhood we grow up learning about all the fairy tales full of princesses, princes and happy endings. We learn about Cinderella, the girl who was forced into servitude by her stepmother, who gets a night out at the royal ball and meets her Prince Charming and lives happily ever after. We learn about Rapunzel who was kidnapped as a baby and confined to the top of a tower. Her knight in shining armor comes to save her and they lived happily ever after. We learn about Sleeping Beauty, who ate a poisonous apple and the only way to wake up was to be kissed by her one true love. Her true love comes and kisses her and they lived happily ever after. We learn about all these stories growing up and it gives a false expectation of what happily ever after means. When we become disconnected with one another we can start to fall out of love with each other. Is there anything we can do to revive our happily ever afters with the ones we love?

Earning her Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from East Carolina University, Nicole Stone is founder and owner of Embark Therapy. In her private practice, she works with couples and individuals, focusing on the impact relationships have on her clients’ lives, including their mental and emotional health. Nicole works with partners at any stage of their relationship and with a variety of presenting concerns, including infidelity, lack of intimacy, considering divorce or separation, as well as remarriage, step-parenting and blending families. She has also been trained in Discernment Counseling, has completed the Level 1 Gottman-Method Training for couples therapy, and is a certified PREPARE/ENRICH facilitator.

To find out more about Nicole Stone and her practice, Embark Therapy, you can visit their website or call (919) 397-5626 for an appointment.

Have you found yourself stuck in a love rut in your relationship? Are you and your partner feeling unfulfilled?

Sometimes, in a long-term, committed relationship, partners begin to feel that, despite their hops about each other, they aren’t being truly fulfilled the way they expected to be at the start of the relationship. As patterns of low expectations begin to form, many couples don’t know how to reach out to each other, confide their wants and needs, and find solutions to problems.

When there’s a prolonged power struggle, people start to feel frustrated, anxious and insecure, among other things. Sometimes, couples have been stuck in a “trouble spot” for too long, and they don’t have the skills to work their way out.

Today’s guest is Dr. Rebecca Matthews, a psychologist with 3-C Family Services who has an extensive background in both research and clinical work. Rebecca is here to discuss how partners can get out of their love rut and back to a place of happiness and content in their relationship.

To find out more about Rebecca and her practice, visit their website or call (919) 677-0101 to schedule an appointment.

Be sure to check out the 3-C Family Services one-day couples workshop series, A New Beginning. The next workshop is scheduled for Saturday, July 27 from 8am to 4pm.

Creating A More Intimate Marriage

A Small Group Study

God created sexuality to reveal Himself and the value He places on intimate relationships.  Learning how God uses this metaphor will enhance the long-term relationship of covenant marriage.  In this 10-week study, led by Dr. Debbie Neel and Rev. Bob Stancil, married couples will gain biblical and practical insights about healthy sexual intimacy and learn ways of enhancing their love life.

In a safe and respectful environment, this study for couples will be based on the book A Celebration of Sex by Dr. Doug Rosenau with the accompanying Guidebook.  Doug was the speaker at our 2005 conference on Sexual Intimacy God’s Way.  Debbie Neel, who works closely with Doug and was instrumental in writing the Guidebook, is a licensed psychologist and certified Christian sex therapist.  Bob, as a pastoral counselor, also provides leadership to various aspects of the Providence marriage ministry.

The group will meet on Wednesdays beginning January 6 in Room 637 from 6:30 to 8:30 PM.  A charge of $40 per couple will cover the various books and study materials. For information, call Bob Stancil (919-326-3000).  Register online at www.pray.org/marriage.  Limited space.      Childcare is available by reservation: www.pray.org/sonstation

General Study Topics:

Increasing our knowledge about sexuality:

  • A Biblical Perspective of Sexuality
  • Essentials for an Intimate Marriage
  • Uniquely Male and Female & Sexual Myths

Enhancing our pleasure:

  • Lovemaking Cycle
  • Emotional Pleasure & Romance
  • Desire & Frequency
  • Physical Enjoyment & Mutuality

Creating passionate intimacy:

  • Making Love to Your Wife
  • Making Love to Your Husband
  • Affair-Proofing Your Marriage