The Co-Worker Courtship

Is your spouse having an affair with their co-worker? They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder, but does it really? It seems that the more time we spend with someone the more bonded with them we become. We find common interests, form jokes, and grow attachments. In most circumstances this is a good thing, however, when you and your spouse are working long hours this can be very troublesome for any relationship. The time spent apart and in the company of co-workers could drive your spouse right into someone else’s arms. Dr. Katy Sampson joins us today to discuss how your spouses work schedule can affect your love life in more ways than you could have imagined.

Dr. Katy Sampson is a psychologist with Lepage Associates in Durham, NC. Katy works with adults, children, couples and families with a wide range of issues. She has assisted couples and families in improving their communication, managing conflict, and dealing with major life transitions. Katy’s a born adventurer who enjoys biking, hiking and experimenting new and exotic foods. To find out more about Dr. Katy Sampson you can visit the Lepage Associates website or call 919-572-0000 for an appointment.

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