How To Fix Your Spouse’s Bad Habits

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Are you tired of the dirty clothes never making their way to the washer? The nagging? Being embarrassed in public? Or just plain old nose picking? Is there a way to get your spouse to drop the bad habits without reading the riot act? Jennifer Coleman returns to the show do discuss why It’s sometimes more difficult to bring up problems to a spouse than a friend, and how you can approach your partner about his or her annoying habits in a way that doesn’t put anyone on the offensive, and will make headway in fixing the problem.

Jennifer is a licensed professional counselor and is a nationally certified counselor who practices with Eastover Psychological and Psychiatric Group in Cornelius, NC, where she works with couples, families and  individuals from young children to adults on issues ranging from depression, anxiety, relationship issues and life transitions. Jennifer is also a Life Transitions Coach with Rosen Law Firm, where she helps clients set goals and priorities to help manage their lives. You can find out more about Jennifer and her practice at

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