How can your commitment to health affect your commitment to the one you love?

Summertime is meant for lounging by the beach, enjoying the sun, and trying to avoid showing the entire world your every physical insecurity. Come autumn, the temperature drops, the leaves change, and everyone’s best friend, the over-sized sweater, makes its triumphant return from the depths of the closet. Just because the temperature is dropping, that doesn’t mean that your waistline will too. With the colder temperatures come the hectic, sleepless schedule filled with holiday parties and filling holiday meals with their seemingly limitless supply of every artery clogging treat your struggling heart can handle.

While many resolve to make up for their holiday splurging with a promise to do better “next year”, it may not only be your body that’s paying the price for your poor physical health. While your gym membership and a full 8 hours of sleep may have been a top priority when you were unattached – a committed relationship, work, or even kids, can have a way of taking time from things that were once considered essential. The black coffee in your hand and soaring 3-digits on the scale don’t lie! As those numbers get higher, so do your chances of marital dissatisfaction. How can a commitment to get physical lead to better marital health?

Dr. Kristen Wynns is a child and adolescent psychologist who owns a specialty private practice in Cary, North Carolina called Wynns Family Psychology.  She earned her Ph.D. and Master’s in Clinical Psychology from UNC-Greensboro. Dr. Wynns has been frequently sought out as local expert on child psychology and parenting issues for radio shows, magazines like Carolina Parent, as well as TV shows like My Carolina Today and Daytime. Dr. Wynns has also founded the parenting website, No Wimpy Parenting, providing services for parents struggling with behavior and discipline problems. Married for 15 years with two young children of her own, Dr. Wynns likes to say she is “doubly qualified” to offer parenting and marriage advice.

To find out more about Dr. Kristen Wynns and her practice, Wynns Family Psychology, you can visit their website Wynns Family Psychology or call (919) 467-7777 for an appointment. For information regarding the services available to help parents struggling with behavior or discipline problems at home, you can visit Dr. Wynns other site, No Wimpy Parenting.

Does physical fitness really play a part in maintaining a healthy and happy marriage?

These days, people’s lives are increasingly busy. Most waking moments are spent working full-time jobs, keeping up with household chores, and taking care of pesky responsibilities. At the end of the day, many couples feel too tired to do anything other than eat dinner, maybe watch some television, and go to bed. The problem, however, is that this leaves little time to care for and nurture the relationship which leads to a lack of communication, decreased sexual intimacy, and an overall lack of enjoyment in the marriage.

The good news is that there are ways to change the course of the marriage and improve it overall. And one of these ways is for couples to engage in outdoor or physical fitness activities with each other. With the spring season, in all its beautiful glory on the way, there is a plethora of fun activities and events that can be utilized. What better way to feel good than to soak up some sunshine?

Today’s guest is Colette Segalla, a psychologist with Lepage Associates who has worked with diverse populations of couples, families, and individuals. She says that better physical fitness can bring increased vitality to the relationship and improve both mental and sexual health.

To find out more about Colette and her practice, visit their website or call (919) 572-0000 to schedule an appointment.

Are your intimacy issues to blame for those extra pounds that you’ve put on? We’ve heard of couples who begin to pack on the pounds when they are in a committed relationship and feel comfortable with each other, but there may be an underlying reason to this new weight gain. Our guest today will let us in on how the ups and downs of our relationships can effect our eating habits, as well as how to prevent those unnecessary binges.

Karen Koenig is an expert on the psychology of eating. For over 30 years Karen has been working to help troubled eaters, who have been stuck in a cycle of dieting and bingeing, to break free and access a healthier lifestyle that will keep them at a healthy weight for life. Karen has a double Master’s in Education and Social Work. Karen is the international  author of four books that focus on eating and weight, including Nice Girls Finish Fat, The Rules of “Normal” Eating, The food and Feelings Workbook, as well as What Every Therapist Needs to Know about Treating Eating and Weight Issues. Karen’s free Facebook app, called APPetite, will be available this online this month. Karen also moderates a Yahoo Food and Feelings board, as well as a weekly blog for Gurze books.