Are money issues the number one problem in your marriage?

Most people have had money issues at some point in their life. Whether it be from limited resources or trying to start a new business, we’ve all had to deal with the stress of financial adversities. Throw marriage into the mix and those adversities can become full blown obstacles as you and your spouse have to decide and agree on how to allocate your money. Financial planning can be one of the most difficult and stressful collaborations that a married couple has to work on. Do you have the tools and knowledge to get through the money issues in your marriage?

Earning his Masters of Business Administration with a concentration in Finance from the McColl School of Business at Queens University, as well as maintaining his designation as a Certified Financial Planner, Mr. Ed Coambs is founder of Marriage and Money Matters in Charlotte, North Carolina. Mr. Coambs helps families, individuals, and financial professionals with a host of consulting services. His dream is that individuals, families, and couples will no longer say that money is their number one issue. Mr. Coambes hopes that all people could find peace with their personal resources and realize their significance lays far beyond their material resources.

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Is your family dynamic under stress because of a teenagers drug abuse?

Marriages require work from both spouses to strive and grow. When you add children to the mix the marriage becomes a family with more pressure to make things work. With career obligations, chaotic schedules, and responsibilities to your children, there’s not much room for disruption. Adolescent drug abuse can be cause of disruption in the family dynamic.  What steps should you take to rebuild and strengthen the family dynamic when dealing with a child’s drug dependency?

Earning his Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Pfeiffer University, Mr. Jonathan Dotch Sr. is founder of Dotch Counseling Services of Charlotte, where he practices as a Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist – Associate (LCASA) as well as  a Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT)  Mr. Dotch Sr. is the author of New Choices: Reaping the Benefits from Positive Decisions which is dedicated to troubled youth trying to overcome adversity during the adolescent phase. He has also served others as a mentor youth care-worker for at-risk children and juvenile delinquents, and in community support services.

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Does your marriage have what it takes to unplug from the technology of the modern world?

Has technology killed your marriage? Modern technology can do almost anything, from translating a foreign language to shooting angry birds at random objects. No one could have ever suspected that something that is helpful with so many things could be at the root of all their marital problems. Today’s overabundance of technology can take away a couple’s time with one another and replace it with hours in front of the computer. We have iPhone’s in the elevator, kindle’s on the couch, and laptops in the bed. Is your marriage strong enough to withstand the attacks from technology?

Jill Eilenberger joins us this week to advise us on the importance of unplugging our marriage. Jill Eilenberger has a Master’s degree in Clinical Social Work from UNC and has been working as a psychotherapist for 25 years. Jill is a licensed Clinical Social worker, Marital and Family Therapist and Imago Relationship Therapist. Jill is a former President of the Charlotte Chapter of American Association of Marital and Family Therapists and has been listed in the “Who’s Who of American Women”. Jill now runs her own private practice out of Charlotte, NC. To find out more about Jill Eilenberger you can visit their website or call 704-591-0648 for an appointment.