After An Affair – Can Anything Positive Come of It?

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For most couples dealing with infidelity, the idea of anything good coming from an an affair seems impossible. When trust and intimacy are shattered, it’s easy to believe that nothing can ever fix them. But are couples who stay together and work through the issues surrounding infidelity able to rebuild the relationship to healthy place?

Dr. Molly Parks returns to the show to examine what some of the common triggers are for affairs, what kind of specific impact that usually has for each spouse, and what good, if any, can come to couples who choose to deal with the issues and work through an affair.

Molly has over a decade of experience helping both adults and children deal with emotionally challenging issues ranging from social isolation and relationship issues to PTSD and trauma victims. She practices with Lepage Associates in Durham. You can schedule an appointment by calling 919.572.0000, or by visiting

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Siz December 5, 2011 at 9:40 pm

This was a great podcast. Thanks Molly. Wish you were in my part of the world so me and spouse could go to you. Weve just come out of the scary part of an affair – now working to rebuild and your advice and stories offer much hope. Thanks!

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