Balancing Children and your Marriage

Do you ever feel like there are not enough hours in the day? Sure, we all say this, but it seems with each passing day our plates are loaded with more and more activities that we have to try and cram in. Remember the good ole’ days where you had time to go out to a nice dinner date with your loved one? Those were the days pre-children. Once children came into the picture, time seemed to fast-forward. We no longer had time for ourselves, let alone our spouse. All too often this is an issue that plagues many couples. The romance and marital bliss seem to deteriorate once children enter the equation. However, according to Dr. Julia Jacobs, this does not have to the be the case.

Dr. Julia Jacobs has a doctorate in Clinical Psychology and practices with Lepage Associates in Durham, NC. Julia has experience working with individuals, couples and groups of all ages. Most importantly, she has experience with couples who have children. You can schedule an appointment by visiting or calling 919.572.0000.

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