Overcoming the Divide: Helping Couples Unite as Parents

Are your diverse parenting styles breaking apart your marriage? Being part of a couple and getting married can be a very difficult process. You have two people from different backgrounds and lifestyles, coming together to start their life together. Their differences in opinion and lifestyle can be a relationship hot spot for conflict. Things tend to get even more complicated when children are brought into the picture. Although we love our children, all parents have different ideas for how they want to raise and discipline their children. Whether our preferences came from personal experience or gained knowledge, each parent may have a different idea for what it means to bring up their children. Dr. Kristen Wynns believes that it is not about how your raise your children, but that you do it together as a team.

Dr. Wynns is a child and adolescent psychologist who owns a specialty practice in Cary, NC called Wynns Family Psychology. She has a Ph.D. and Master’s in Clinical Psychology from UNC Greensboro. Dr. Wynns recently debuted a new parenting website called No Wimpy Parenting with services available to help parents struggling with behavior and discipline problems at home. To find out more about Dr. Kristen Wynns you can visit the Wynns Family Psychology website or call 919-467-7777 for an appointment.

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