Make Yourself Heard

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Ever feel like your spouse isn’t listening? Some people think that dating and getting to know someone can be the hardest part of a relationship. It requires a great amount of effort on both parts to keep things progressing. However, the hardest part of a relationship is actually the stage that most largely encapsulates a relationship, the “comfortable phase”. We know our partner so well we could tell you their schedule without hesitation. We know all of their stories and have heard all of their jokes. It’s at this point in a relationship that a lot of people tend to tune the other spouse out and begin navigating on autopilot. This lack of effort can lead to feelings of disconnection with your spouse. Our guest today believes that mindfulness is what can will help to keep your relationship fresh and to keep you heard.

Dr. Jessica Barry of Wynns Family Psychology in Cary, NC joins us today. Jessica earned her doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Argosy University in Washington D.C. Jessica predominantly works with children, teens, couples and families that have difficulty coping with a wide range of social, emotional and behavioral issues. Jessica’s doctoral dissertation, which will prove especially useful today, was written about the use of Mindfulness techniques. When Jessica isn’t busy working with couples she enjoys spending time hiking, drawing, and cooking with her fiancé. To find out more about Dr. Jessica Barry you can visit the Wynns Family Psychology website or call 919-467-7777 for an appointment.

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