Improving Intimacy

Is your relationship lacking the intimacy it once had? With the pressure of a busy schedules, economic stress, and the multiple roles we all fill, it is only expected that we are all stressed and exhausted by the end of the day. With our energy levels tapped, our intimacy levels drop too. Carla Rosinski believes that a lack of sexual intimacy can be a symptom of a lack of intimacy in other areas.

Carla Rosinski, founder of Rosinski Therapy and Consultation in Raleigh, NC, has been focusing on counseling families, individuals, and couples for over 10 years. Carla is a licensed professional counselor with a Master’s in Counseling Psychology. When Carla isn’t working with couples she enjoys traveling and spending time with her pup at the dog park. To find out more about Carla Rosinski and Rosinski Therapy and Consultation you can visit her website or call 919-724-1181 for an appointment.

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