1000 Places to Fight Before You Die: Vacation for Couples

Planning a romantic vacation for couples does not have to be a battle royale.

If you’re like most couples, there just isn’t enough time in the day to do everything that needs to get done. Between work and kids, you’re lucky to squeeze in time to brush your teeth – let alone take a vacation together. You have to balance your professional and home life without dropping the ball on anything important.  Learning to manage the day-to-day can be a huge challenge for most people, making vacation seem impossible.

Our guests today are the brains behind a leading couple’s travel blog, 1000 Places to Fight before You Die. Mike Willits and his wife Luci encourage busy couples to get out and see the world together. It’s time to leave the kids behind and let the relatives do all the heavy lifting. Reconnect and strengthen your relationship by planning and making an annual escape. Whether this means an exotic trip to the other side of the planet, or discovering a neighboring state, the limitless possibilities mean great things for your marriage.  From taking those bucket list dreams and turning them into a reality, Mike & Luci Willits break down the fine art of vacation for couples.

To find out more about Mike & Luci Willits, as well as the 1000 Places to Fight Before You Die, visit their blog.

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