Maintaining Mindfulness

Take a second to stop and think… Are you maintaining mindfulness today?

You might ask, well what does that mean exactly? The idea of mindfulness is to be present to ourselves physically, emotionally, spiritually and literally in the moment. Being mindful involves focusing on your breathing and thoughts rather than projecting yourself into the future with worries and anxiety. Even though it’s natural to look to the future and worry about what might happen or what could happen, it’s not the best tactic for your mind. Doing so can often lead you to forget about, or concentrate less on the current moment. The moment you’re living in.

When life is plagued with disconnection and stress, things can get tough. Oftentimes the first things to suffer are relationships and family ties… which is why mindfulness can be so important. If couples and families learn to develop these critical skills, their communication, expression and intimacy abilities can flourish. Instead of thinking and worrying about the next fight in your relationship or the next big trip or next month’s bills, take a second to stop, breath, and focus on mindfulness.

Our guest today, Dr. Roz Heiko of Pediatric & Family Psychology P.A. in Cary, NC, is here to discuss some of her healing and coaching techniques. In helping people get back to a positive place in their lives and relationships, Roz encourages and teaches a level of discipline and mindful awareness.

To find out more about Roz and her practice, visit her website or call (919) 858-9692 to schedule an appointment.

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