Building Trust in Your Marriage

In a marriage, what are the building blocks of trust?

According to the dictionary, trust is defined as “the assured reliance in the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something.” Having it is a critical factor and also the main foundation for any relationship, whether it’s a friendship, a parent-child relationship, or a marriage. Once trust is broken and an individual no longer feels that he or she can rely on their partner, the bond of faith can be very challenging to repair and rebuild.

Within a relationship, trust issues can stem from a multitude of problems–anything from emotional or physical affairs and hidden addictions to secrecy and lying. However, more subtle behaviors from spouses like constantly being late, being unreliable, or being insensitive can also shake the foundations of trust and honesty.

Today’s guest, Dr. Sara Salter of Wynns Family Psychology in Cary, NC, says the way to build strong, lasting trust within your marriage is to focus on certain specific factors including communication, openness and empathy. In addition to those, Sara has other important pointers and tips on how to build and maintain an unbreakable level of trust within your marriage.

To find out more about Sara and her practice, visit their website or call (919) 467-7777 to schedule an appointment.

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