Third Time’s a Charm: The Truth About Multiple Marriages

What’s the real story behind multiple marriages?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the current marriage rate is 6.8 per 1000 people. Not so shockingly, the current divorce rate is 3.4. This means that, right now, 50 percent of marriages are ending in divorce. And with half of all marriages ending in divorce, more and more people are finding themselves remarried and categorized as multiple marriers.

We’re talkin’ two, three, four and even five marriages. Maybe more. What are the facts behind these kinds of situations? What are the statistics and how does the multiple marriage pattern become established in the first place? Oftentimes, serial marriers are perceived by society in a relatively negative or less respectable manner… but why? What has really become the most interesting is the expectations that surround marriage and family life.

Today’s guest is a multiple marrier herself, Pam Evans. While Pam serves as the senior director in the high tech sector of a Fortune 1000 company, she also doubles as an author and public speaker on the subject of multiple marriages. She has not only been featured on the Bay Area Independent Publishers List, but also on last summer’s Top 12 Book Pick List on “Spirited Woman.” She’s here to discuss the myths and truths of being a serial marrier.

To find out more about Pam and her adventures as a multiple marriage expert, check out her book Ring EXchange and visit her website.

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