A One Way Fight for Love

Can you try to make them stay, when “bye” is what they really want to say?

What do you do when your other half wants to leave but you can’t believe that it’s over? Perhaps the romance is waning or it could be that the fights are escalating. Is there anything that can be done to help save your relationship when your spouse wants out?  

With the growing rate of divorce in North America and the ease with which we see people using the term “separate”, it can sometimes feel like a battle to try and stay together amongst a crowd of those who don’t. Can a couple really save the life that they have built together when an issue as threatening of this looms overhead?

Liam Naden is the director of Growing in Love for Life, a New Zealand based practice which provides 21st century tools and coaching methods to assist individuals and couples in saving their marriages and improving their relationship. With 25 books and counting, Liam is author of the Amazon Kindle bestsellers, “The Sexless Marriage Cure: How to Get Your Spouse (or You) Interested in Sex Again”, as well as “Stay or Go: How to Know if Your Marriage is the Right One for You”. Liam is the host of his own fortnightly relationship podcast series, “Growing in Love for Life: Save and Strengthen Your Marriage.”

To find out more about Liam Naden and his practice you can visit Growing in Love for Life online. You can also download a copy of Liam’s Amazon Kindle bestseller, “How to Save Your Marriage  When Your Spouse Doesn’t Want to.”

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