What’s the real story behind infidelity and affair proofing your marriage?

Though data varies, many researchers and clinicians would say that about 25 percent of men and 15 percent of women engage in an affair during the course of their marriage. Extramarital affairs cross all boundaries. While the news media chronicle the affairs of our leaders and the rich and famous, chances are we likely know couples in our own circles who have experienced infidelity. When it comes to affair proofing your marriage, there are some obvious steps, but also some not-so-obvious ones.

The research that is available suggests that affairs happen across ethnic and racial lines, in red states and blue ones, in the homes of the rich and in the homes of the poor, regardless of educational level and by both men and women. Unfortunately, the statistics show that affairs and infidelity issues can happen across the board. Armed with that knowledge, it’s important to also know the steps to take to ensure your marriage is protected from infidelity.

Today’s guest is one of our regulars, Dr. Kristen Wynns of Wynns Family Psychology in Cary, NC. Though you and your spouse ultimately have control over the boundaries in your relationship, Kristen is here to discuss some of the important tips you both can stick with for affair proofing your marriage.

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Is keeping secrets from your partner just as bad as lying?

We’re talking about lying by omission. It may not seem like selective honesty would create problems within a marriage, but keeping secrets from your partner is a form of lying. Doing this can create cracks in the foundation of a relationship and lead to the destruction of a marriage.

Many couples are unaware of the powerful message they are sending by intentionally withholding information. Sometimes couples think that keeping secrets from one another is being “helpful,” or that they are “sparing the other,” but that isn’t the case. When one or both partners in the relationship have secrets that the other don’t know about, trust and communication are compromised. After a marriage has been hit by secrets and lies, the dynamic has been changed for the worst.

Our guest today is Dr. Janet Savia, a clinical psychologist with Lepage Associates. According to Janet, secrets and lies create deep wounds, but can be healed with honesty and guidance. Though it may seem impossible to regain trust within a marriage that is plagued with secrets and lies, it’s not. Change can be real.

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Are you sabotaging your love life?

Statistics show that 85 percent of single women can’t wait to get married– but do they really want the whole package? We already know that women have vastly different expectations of marriage than men do so it should be no surprise that men don’t always live up to those expectations. Throughout the phases of marriage, however, many things can change.

As many as 70 percent of wives express unhappiness and dissatisfaction in their marriages over time– which is a pretty big number. Is that just part of the natural cycle that marriages go through, or does it signal a larger issue? When women are dissatisfied, what do they do about it?

This episode, our guest has the answers to these questions and can help explain why couples experience these cycles. She also has some tips on marriage– how to make it, break it or keep it. Susan Shapiro Barash is the author of 13 books, including The Nine Phases of Marriage. Susan teaches gender studies at Marymount Manhattan College and helps women understand the issues they face during marriage.

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