How do you let go of the baggage from your past to make your second marriage a success?

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Love isn’t always something that happens at “first sight”. The hopeless romantics of the world often have to take two, three and even four glances before they find their Mr. or Ms. Right. Once you’ve found the one that you’re ready to take that second walk down the aisle with, how can you ensure that the baggage and pitfalls that unravelled your previous relationship aren’t lingering and waiting to attack your second marriage?

Is it possible for couples to ensure the success of their union when far more challenges stand in their way? How do you successfully integrate children and exes into this modern day nuclear family?

Author of Successful Second Marriages, Patricia Bubash has worked with couples from all over the U.S. to educate them on how to make their marriage the one that lasts. With a Masters Degree in Education with an emphasis on counselling, Patricia is a licensed professional counsellor in Missouri. It’s hard to imagine how Patricia found the time to write a book when you discover her active involvement in not only her volunteer work, but in St. Louis marriage counselling community. Having been remarried before, Patricia says “third time is the charm!” as she celebrates twenty five blissful years with her husband.

To find out more about Patricia Bubash, or order your copy of her book, Successful Second Marriages, you can visit her online.  Be sure to keep an eye out for Patricia’s upcoming release, Marriage Blisters: Spousal Behaviors that Rub you Wrong (or Raw).

Does long-standing sibling rivalry really have an impact on a marriage?

So where does sibling rivalry start in the first place? According to academic professionals at the University of Michigan Health System, the most fundamental effect and characteristic of sibling rivalry is jealousy. Constant arguments between siblings create a strong feeling of tension in the household that’s felt by everyone.

It’s also been suggested that rivalry between siblings has negative effects on the marriage of the parents, as the problems experienced between the siblings begin to make the parents more likely to disagree about who is right and who is wrong in different situations. So what is the best way to ease the tension and quell the rivalries?

Today’s guest is Dr. Kristen Wynns, a child psychologist and parenting, testing and custody specialist and the owner of Wynns Family Psychology. With extensive experience in child and parenting issues, Kristen has seen her fair share of family tension derived from sibling rivalry. According to her, spouses can reduce the negative effects of the rivalry by communicating with each other and presenting a unified front to the children.

The Wynns Family Psychology ‘Sibling Strife’ workshop will be held September 23, 2013 from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm.

To find out more about Kristen and her practice, visit their website or call (919) 467-7777 to schedule an appointment.

Despite the fact that they’re family… What do you do when you just can’t stand to be around your in-laws?

Although you love your spouse, you might not always love his or her parents or siblings. So how do you make peace with them when there has always been tension? How do you reach a compromise that everyone in the family is okay with? Naturally, the goal is to develop a comfortable role for yourself with realistic expectations for what your in-laws can offer to you and what you can offer to them. It’s not always that simple though. And sometimes it can be even more difficult because it’s family.

When there’s a lack of support from the in-laws, it can put a lot of stress on a marriage and both partners individually. Sometimes couples don’t really know how to set healthy boundaries and limits, and they ultimately get caught up in never-ending family drama and turmoil.

Today’s guest is Dr. Susan Orenstein, the director of Orenstein Solutions in Cary, NC. Susan has worked with many couples who have faced these very issues, and she’s here to discuss a way to fix the problems. According to her, it is possible for couples to get to a place where they feel comfort and happiness with their in-laws… even after many years of struggle.

To find out more about Susan and her practice, visit their website or call (919) 428-2766 to schedule an appointment.