communication skills

Are you having trouble with communication?

We all know that better communication leads to better relationships in all aspects of life. We have to learn how to communicate well with our bosses and coworkers at work. We do this so everything can run smoothly and efficiently. We have to learn to communicate effectively in school so that we don’t fall behind or misunderstand an important lesson. We have to learn how to communicate with our friends so that plans and events go the way they need to. In relationships with our loved ones, we know that we have to communicate our wants, needs, and feelings to achieve a fulfilled relationship. If we know this, then why is it still so hard? What are some of the things we can work on to better communicate with our loved ones to make our relationships thrive?

Earning his Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology from Towson State University and his EdS degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Seton Hall University, Jeffrey Brandler is owner and founder of Jeffrey Brandler, EdS CAS SAP in Mountain Lakes, New Jersey. He has had a private practice since 1991 working with individuals and couples with the most common treated issues being anxiety, depression, addiction and stress. Jeff is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Certified Addictions Specialist and Substance Abuse Professional, as well as a chapter advisor for the Depression Bipolar Support Alliance. He has been published by the American Association of Mariage and Family Therapy-New Jersey twice in his career. Jeff is also a presenter at self help, corporations, and professional groups.

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If you had all the necessary tools to improve your relationship, would you use them?

Imagine you were asked to fix a leaky shower. Now, maybe you have all the proper tools and equipment but how could you possibly use them successfully if you don’t have the knowledge or the skills to actually do so? What you might not realize is that you do, in fact, possess the necessary tools to improve your relationship but you just need to hone the skills required.

One of the biggest relationship blunders many couples encounter is the inability to communicate effectively with each other. When communication and interaction become issues within a relationship, most of the time, the partners have a hard time expressing their individual needs clearly to the other. And when negative communication interactions and patterns develop over time, couples may begin to feel a sense of hopelessness or loss. While it might seem a little challenging at times, there are skills you can develop and work on to improve your relationship.

Today’s guest is licensed professional counselor Dr. KaRae Carey from Cary, NC. She helps couples and families gain an understanding of the importance of communication while providing tips and tools to begin improvement. According to KaRae, with 5 simple skills, your relationship can also improve and start to thrive.

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