Are you giving your partner the support he or she needs and deserves?

It’s no secret that one of the most important factors in a successful relationship is how well the partners are able to support each other. To feel truly and unconditionally supported by a partner is something everyone wants, and it makes a world of difference in how a relationship is cared for and maintained.

The problem is that many people expect a “good partner” will instinctively know how to be supportive and will just say or do the right thing automatically. In reality, there are many different types of responses to stress and negativity and what each partner needs to feel support is ultimately about personal preference and should actually be discussed openly.

Our guest is Dr. Gabriella Johr, a licensed clinical psychologist with Orenstein Solutions located in Cary, NC. With a specialization in child and family therapy, Gabriella has had a great deal of experience helping married couples find the right ways to be supportive. Today she’s here to share some of her insightful pointers and tips on the art of offering support within relationships and marriages.

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If you had all the necessary tools to improve your relationship, would you use them?

Imagine you were asked to fix a leaky shower. Now, maybe you have all the proper tools and equipment but how could you possibly use them successfully if you don’t have the knowledge or the skills to actually do so? What you might not realize is that you do, in fact, possess the necessary tools to improve your relationship but you just need to hone the skills required.

One of the biggest relationship blunders many couples encounter is the inability to communicate effectively with each other. When communication and interaction become issues within a relationship, most of the time, the partners have a hard time expressing their individual needs clearly to the other. And when negative communication interactions and patterns develop over time, couples may begin to feel a sense of hopelessness or loss. While it might seem a little challenging at times, there are skills you can develop and work on to improve your relationship.

Today’s guest is licensed professional counselor Dr. KaRae Carey from Cary, NC. She helps couples and families gain an understanding of the importance of communication while providing tips and tools to begin improvement. According to KaRae, with 5 simple skills, your relationship can also improve and start to thrive.

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