Put Yourself First To Stay Married

It’s tough not to be busy these days, but can over-extending yourself and not placing enough importance on your own needs be detrimental to your marriage? Dr. Pat Hogan joins us to discuss how putting all of your focus on others, including your spouse, can actually make you emotionally unavailable for your partner. Neglecting your own well-being, whether because of work or family commitments can actually cause resentment of your spouse.

Dr. Hogan covers some of the specific pitfalls that women face in balancing work with the cultural expectations of still being the main caregiver in a family, as well problems with misinterpreting self-care as selfishness.

You can find many more great tips from Dr. Hogan, as well as information about her practice in Charlotte, NC, by visiting her website at DrPatHogan.com, or calling her office at 704.442.0035

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