Sexual Incompatibility

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Every marriage faces issues where one or both partners feel frustrated with the level of intimacy in the relationship, but these incompatibility problems can create bigger difficulties when spouses feel like they can’t bring up the topic with their partners. Dr. Katrina Kuzyszyn joins us to discuss how you can bring up issues of sexual incompatibility with your spouse without creating a sense of pressure or rejection from either partner.

Katrina holds a Masters degree in Forensic Psychology, a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, and has been practicing for over 9 years. Katrina practices with Lepage Associates in Durham, NC and can be reached at 919.572.0000, or by visiting

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patricia April 13, 2009 at 6:20 pm

sexual imcompatabiliy is creating problems for a can I go about it when my partner is awonderful, loving, caring person??

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