Is Your Family Tree To Blame For Your Fights?

Are the unresolved conflicts in your marriage less about an unwillingness to compromise and more about the differences in your families of origin and how you were raised? Is the all too common reaction of assuming that our own approach is right, so our spouse must be wrong making the rift bigger? Marilyn Harding joins us to take a look at what kinds of common arguments are likely caused simply by differences in expectations of how the family should operate and how to manage these differences constructively.

Marilyn Harding has been providing counseling services to the triangle for 20 years and holds specialized training in sex therapy and crisis and trauma therapy, as well as serving on the National Response Team for the American Association of Christian Counselors. You can find out more about Marilyn on the Life Care Counseling and Coaching website at, or by calling 919.851.1527

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