Going Back To School Without Putting Your Marriage In Detention

Whether It’s full-time, or during the evenings, a spouse in school can create a lot of tension in a marriage. It’s not just a couple’s schedules that are impacted, but everything from household chores and time with the kids to intimacy with your spouse. Dr. Nicole Imbraguglio joins us to look at what aspects of the relationship are most likely to suffer when one spouse returns to school and what steps that each partner can take to ensure that the needs of both the couple and the family are met during the process.

Dr. Imbraguglio practices with Lepage Associates in Durham, NC and helps both adults and children with a wide range of emotional issues. She has provided counseling for individuals, groups, couples, and families. You can learn more about Nicole at LepageAssociates.com, or by calling 919.572.0000

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